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The Celestron NexStar 5SE telescope I got is, in theory, able to run on batteries. This is a disappointment. At first it seemed super easy to be able to drag the scope to just about everywhere, powered on batteries. But even the newest A grade batteries were drained instantaneously by the slewing of the motors. In fact, the computer of the NexStar spontaneously rebooted (or should I say: had a power failure) when running on batteries. So you should find something else to power it from.

In my case, I have a stabilized power supply, like the ones you find in a science lab:

My power supply

I use the 12V out from the front 12 V outlets, so there’s never a doubt about the voltage. The obvious disadvantage is of course that I always need to be hooked to a power socket. But the sheer pleasure of never having any power problems easily outweighs this minor issue, and an extension cord makes it all the more palatable.

Alternatively, Celestron offers a portable power supply called a PowerTank.

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